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Bradley White Bear

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Bradley White Bear has kind brown eyes and soft, cozy white fur that is oh so huggable! He comes in 8" and 11" and makes the perfect gift!  (Psst...He's also available in brown!!)

Size: 8", 11"
Colour: white
Item: 17771W, 17772W


Bradley also likes to wear Bearwear & Accessories:

Size 8" :

  • Tee: Size 3
  • Bandana: regular
  • Hoody: medium

Size 11" :

  • Tee: Size 1
  • Bandana: large
  • Hoody: medium

Varsity Letterman Jacket: One size fits all - Fits' 11" Bradley

Cheerleader Costume: One size fits all - Fits' 11" Bradley

Exceeds all applicable U.S., Canadian, and European safety standards.

 *Bradley is not embroidable.*